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bit.ly, ow.ly, others facing competition: Facebook URL Shortener

19 Dec, 2009 McKell Naegle

Facebook URL Shortener

According to Inside Facebook, “Facebook is rolling out what appears to be its own URL shortening service, called fb.me.” A URL shortener will help Facebook connect to other web sites and Internet-connected devices. Recently, they began shortening URLs on a mobile interface.

Fb.me will also work as a substitute for any other Facebook page. Typing http://fb.me/starbucks instead of http://www.facebook.com/starbucks, may save bloggers time, but it also may extend their reach. Brands with Facebook fan pages will be able to share links to Facebook on Twitter more easily.


With Facebook URL Shortener, links are more manageable and easier to promote.

How do you think this will impact the social media landscape? Is Facebook such a huge player that it will render compeition obsolete in the URL shortener arena?

(Thanks to CMS WIRE for the tip on this breaking news)

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