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A Beginner’s Guide to Houzz

13 Mar, 2017 McKell Anderson

Are you using Houzz yet? If not, you should be.

For those who are unfamiliar with Houzz, it’s a social media platform designed specifically for people who are remodeling, redecorating or designing homes. It’s similar to Pinterest, but only for homes. Houzz already has 35 million users and is expanding rapidly. Of these users, 90% are homeowners and have plans to redecorate, build or remodel their home in the next two years. This offers a great opportunity for home related brands to use Houzz to offer up products to an already captive audience.

While its popularity is growing quickly, many marketers are still wrapping their heads around how best to use it. So we’ve created a brief overview highlighting some of the important features and offering up valuable tips on how to leverage this new social media channel — all coming from Houzz itself!

  1. Upload lots of high-quality, large pictures of your products as well as photos of spaces where your products can be seen in a home environment. It will help consumers see how the product could work in a real space and imagine the product in their own home — guiding them toward a purchase.
  2. Take advantage of product tagging. Product tagging is one of the most popular features on Houzz. When you upload photos, tag them with your company’s products. Houzz suggests adding 3–5 tags per image to provide the details of the products and the purchase information people are looking for.
  3. Create projects for your uploaded photos. The projects feature can help you organize your uploaded photos. You can use projects to group your photos by type, product line or another key segment. Your projects will appear by title in alphanumeric order on your page.
  4. Get involved in the discussions. Houzz has a very active discussion area. One of the first things you should do is answer any questions people may ask about your photos. Those questions and your answers will appear in the discussions area on Houzz as well as your profile. You can also comment on other discussions about your products, brand or area of expertise.
  5. Get customer reviews. Gathering reviews is very important to promoting your brand and building awareness. Not only that, but getting as many positive reviews as possible can help drown out any negative review you may get.

It’s not hard to get started, so go check it out today! http://www.houzz.com

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