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Back to School by the Numbers

11 Oct, 2017 Paul Larsen

The National Retail Association has been conducting a Back to School shopping survey for grades K – 12 and collegiate families since 2003.

Each year, it highlights their shopping behaviors as they prepare for the upcoming school year. This year, it is projected that American families will spend $83.6 billion in August.

Here are some key findings from the survey:

Departments stores will continue to be the primary supplier of K – 12 school supplies, with 57.1% of those surveyed stating they will do their shopping the traditional way. Online shopping is creeping up, however, with 45.5% saying they will do their shopping from their computers.

A large share of the K – 12 back-to-school shoppers will start procuring school supplies three weeks to one month before classes start.

Back to school shopping for college students is a different story, though. The largest portion of 44.1% is done online.

Back-to-college shoppers’ habits are similar to their K – 12 counterparts, with only 25.6% completing their school shopping in August.

You can check out this link to the National Retail Association and the survey in its entirety for a more comprehensive understanding of shoppers’ habits.

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