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Automation in the Automotive Industry

6 Apr, 2017 McKell Naegle

We all know that the automotive industry is highly competitive.

So how are you going to make your brand and dealership stand out? This is when automation marketing, or marketing that is programed comes into play. There are three important trends that you want to take advantage of to close the deal:


  1. Personalization

We live in a day and age where millennials want individualized shopping experiences. There are a lot of opportunities for dealerships to step in right away with site forms and inquiries. This allows you to grab your customers’ information, intent to buy and what they are in the market for. All it takes is a quick 5-question form where the buyer’s journey and your sales team personalization begin.

  1. Diversified and Adaptive Targeting

As we all know people consume digital content differently than traditional. Most of us are consuming social media or email content, but there’s more communication channels like phone calls, retargeting, search and page takeovers. With personalization you can capture people differently during their experience through the shopping funnel. People with initial interest might receive an initial email and ad, while people further down the funnel and who have interacted with your ads and emails will receive a phone call by sales.

  1. Top of Mind Brand Awareness

This trend can be a little tricky. You don’t want to be the automotive dealer that is immediately in your consumers face and waste the time of your employees at the same time. Instead create opportunities in your automation to your interested consumers. According to 9clouds, a “prospect needs to see your brand 7 times before they commit to buying something.” The key is to have unique messaging and a consistent logo that grabs attention and keeps your brand top of mind. Lastly, be persistent to get in front of your customers, and remember to become more aggressive when they are further down the funnel and ready to buy.


Automation marketing might be overwhelming to think about, but if you start here and you rack the campaigns that work, you can improve efficiency and perfect the sale process. Ultimately, you want to find that interested customer, provide them with valuable information and guide them to closing the deal.

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