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Automation in your Real Estate company

24 Mar, 2017 McKell Naegle

Real Estate and automation campaigns go hand in hand.

Automating marketing efforts will allow you to spend more time on the necessary operation efforts with your new listing. Let’s walk through the opportunities you have in real estate when it comes to automation marketing efforts.


It all begins with your list that’s built up of potential clients who are looking for that type of home or in that area. Well, it’s time to automate a campaign that lets your clients know about the new property. The campaign should include multiple touch points that inform clients on the property, triggers that tell you their interests based on their email interactions, and triggers that continue them down the email funnel. Be the first to inform the client, stay current and build your relationships.


Want to announce a new property immediately? Then let’s go mobile and get into the clients’ hands immediately with SMS messaging systems. We all know that everyone always has their phone within arm’s reach. These systems allow you to update all your clients, or target specific locations or interest clients. This allows you to get in front of the right clients right away.

Landing Page and Scheduling

The final component to add to your strategy is building a landing page that highlights new properties now on the market. This gives you the opportunity to send out various digital advertisements and allow the client to schedule a showing at the click of a button. These programs allow you to automate calendar invites, form fills and email confirmations. These pages will allow you to attract interest, gather information and personalize the prospects buying journey.


All in all, automation helps your marketing efforts along the entire buyer’s journey. It begins with lead creation, personalization and virtual touchpoints. These will all result in strong client relationships and communication that will end with a closed deal.



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