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Attraction – How to Woo Your Clients

22 Feb, 2016 McKell Naegle

The agency space has grown crowded. There is a great deal of competitive talent out looking to win the biggest best clients, with all kinds of technology to help them.

Now that is not to suggest that your agency is anywhere behind the competition, but how do you stand out from the masses? How do you get the golden clients to remember you? How do you get your current clients to not only be happy with your work, but be absolutely blown away by it! We’ve got a few tips for you:

Find the “Why” behind your client’s requests

Your clients won’t ask you to do something just so that they can spend more money. Every request from them will come with a purpose, sometimes that purpose will be less obvious than other times. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and find out what is at the heart of each request that comes in. Once you know, make sure the work you deliver addresses those issues!

Do more than the minimum

Clients will always remember those who go the extra mile for them. If you invest in your clients as if they were your own business, odds are you will end up contributing more than they ask. They will always appreciate you helping them and often your extra effort will be met with reward.

Propose creative solutions

Take a step on the wild side and propose a project or idea that your client has never heard before! Obviously make sure it is a good idea, and one that will bring results, but be adventurous! Nobody is going to remember the agency that proposed a Facebook campaign for every thing. Get the creative minds together and do something new and exciting for your clients!

Marketing is all about standing out. You need to make a lasting impression on clients and customers in order to see success. It is important to remember that your reputation as an Agency will be held not only by your clients, but by your clients networks as well. Creativity and sincerity for the quality of your work will go along way in creating a positive image for you and your Agency.

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