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Apple secrets and Transformers

22 Jan, 2011 McKell Naelge

What does Apple and Transformers have in common?

Both are more than meets the eye (at first glance).

Do you know the icons you view daily on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple computer have hidden meanings?

I didn’t either (until I read this post from Simply Mac’s Amy Morby). Much love to her . . .

I chose a few of my favorite Apple icons from this post to highlight.

Maps Icon

The map on the iPhone maps icon isn’t any old map–it’s Apple’s home address! Number 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA. Take a closer look and you’ll see that little loop in the Apple icon. Sneaky!

Find My iPhone Icon

Look a little closer at your Find My iPhone icon. See that little dot on the radar? That looks like it’s in New York somewheres? What  if I told you it was Steve Jobs’ Manhattan apartment?

Windows Computer Icon

You know that icon you see with you access a networked PC from your Mac? That little blue screen on that icon is actually a blue screen of death. Pa ha. Joke’s on you, Windows!

Apple TextEdit Icon

If you open the TextEdit icon to full-size, you’ll see that it’s actually the monologue from Apple’s Crazy Ones ad.

Think Apple icon creators are creative (or just have too much time on their hands)?

What ones have you seen that are not included above?

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