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Antisocial Media: the Bane of Social Media

10 Feb, 2012 McKell Naegle

You probably know someone that is a little socially awkward; he is the guy that is known for prolonged silence and strange stares during your conversations. You might also be acquainted with the person who bursts into conversations and rambles on about their latest successes and how the world revolves around them.

These people belong to a special group called the antisocial. Wikipedia describes antisocial behavior as “behavior that lacks consideration for others and that may cause damage to society, whether intentionally or through negligence.” I would describe antisocial people as the people that just don’t get it.

Current social media trends have opened doors for companies to reach out to their fan base and interact with them. Unfortunately, the trend has also given way to what I call “antisocial media”. Antisocial media is marked by the same characteristics that we associate with our antisocial cohorts; namely, a disconnection from the current conversation and self centered talk.

I’m sure you have run into some antisocial media marketers, and hopefully you aren’t part of them… Here are some traits and tactics used by antisocial media marketers.


– They don’t add value to the online social dialogue.

– They are on social media platforms to sell to and not to listen to their customers.

– They are disconnected from current social media trends.

– They often say, “if you be my friend I will give you some candy”, but really they just want to send you spam.

– They don’t relate to their customer, they are just a big brand with no personality.


The great American philosopher, Brian Regan, described the antisocial condition perfectly as the “Me Monster”; the guy that only talks about himself. Let’s not be “Me Monsters”, and remember that people aren’t on social media platforms for bands to sell to them. They are on social media platforms to interact with people they know.

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