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America Recycles Day: Fluid’s Re-Re-Reevaluating Our Efforts

15 Nov, 2017 Kayla LeFevre Fluid Culture

Today, November 15, is the 20th anniversary of America Recycles Day. The only day dedicated to promoting recycling in the U.S., it’s also a national initiative to Keep America Beautiful, encouraging individuals and businesses alike to do their part.

Senior Vice President, Brenda Pulley, states how “America Recycles Day is a call-to-action to motivate individuals to actively pursue a #BeRecycled lifestyle 365 days a year. [It] helps to shine a light on our ongoing efforts to educate and inspire people to reduce, reuse and recycle, and when they buy, to buy products made from sustainable and recycled materials.”

Here at Fluid, we’ve recently reevaluated our own recycling efforts and have made some changes around our office that we think will make a bigger impact in the long run.

  1. We changed our recycle pick-up status to include cardboard, plastic and aluminum, along with our standard paper recycling (we go through plenty with all those creative briefs and ad mock-ups).
  2. To get everyone in the office excited to recycle, we created an internal poster contest and encouraged each team to participate. Instead of recycling the paper from the non-winning posters, we reduced our paper consumption and only printed the winning poster to hang around the office. You can still see all submitted designs on our Facebook page.
  3. Just like any office, we keep plenty of cereal in our kitchen. Instead of refilling our stock of Styrofoam bowls (a material that is usually difficult to recycle), we opted instead for ceramic bowls that can be used over and over after a quick wash.
  4. Along with getting reusable bowls for Fluidites, we also purchased a water filter and glasses. Everyone is encouraged to refill their glasses and bottles instead of reaching for a plastic water bottle.

Making an impact doesn’t have to be strictly from businesses, either. Anyone can make a difference by readjusting small habits at home and on the go. Here is a list of recycling tips from AmericaRecyclesDay.org. Be sure to share your efforts using the hashtags #BeRecycled, #BuyRecycled and #ReduceReuseRecycle! You can also calculate your household carbon footprint on the EPA’s site, with tips and suggestions on ways you can lower your impact.

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