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A Look at Gmail’s New Priority Inbox

2 Sep, 2010 McKell Naegle

If you are like anybody else out there, you can understand when people talk about email and getting overloaded by the volume we receive on a daily basis. One solution to this problem is to start utilizing Gmail’s new Priority Inbox email. With priority inbox, it gives you a better way to help manage and sort your email so that you are able to identify which emails are more important and need to be looked at right away. Iit also helps you sort the emails that are less important and can be put on hold. How it works is Gmail attempts to automatically process your email by factoring in some variables such as who the sender of the email is, how many people the email was sent to, and specific keywords in the subject and body of the email, etc.

Here is a list of some ways to that Mashable has identified as ways of helping you process and manage your email with Gmail’s new settings:

  1. Prioritize Filters
    • Advanced filters helps Gmail to determine importance and how to process the emails.
  2. Customize Sections
    • Next to each default section (i.e. Important and Unread, Starred, and Everything Else), there is an arrow to click on for more options, which allows you to customize the folder to your liking.
  3. Start With a Clean Slate
    • Utilize the Starred email folder for emails that require action.  If you have existing emails in that folder that you would like to eliminate as “starred” emails, you can do so by going into the options for the folder and remove the star, so that you can start from a clean slate.  This will help you to identify which emails you need to follow up with.
  4. Use Your “Inbox” for Folders
    • You can set up alternate panes that act as folders to appear above your inbox. Each of the panes can be for emails of varying significance, such as “unread” emails.
  5. Test Priority with Multiple Inboxes
    • If you don’t want to jump right into Priority Inbox, you can start by just implementing small things that will help you to become more efficient and productive with your email. For example you can configure Priority Inbox to just display “Important” messages, by enabling a feature called Google Labs Multiple Inbox feature in the settings. This way, you can navigate directly to the important messages.

Can you think of other ideas that have helped you manage your email?

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