A Fluid Thanksgiving

Our Fluid Thanksgiving may be a little more fluid this year, but that doesn’t mean everything has to change. We may not be able to gather and see who can stuff the most sweet potatoes in their mouth at once, but we’ll be darned if we can’t share what we’re grateful for:

I’m thankful for my continued employment and my family’s collective health throughout this insane year. Also thankful for my boyfriend’s academic successes and recent job offer, despite the pandemic. All in all, thankful for this incredibly transitional and messy year that will ultimately deliver positive changes (fingers CROSSED). Also thankful for cats and dogs everywhere.

Jessica, Account Manager

I’m thankful to be spending more time with my husband, growing my family, and to not be commuting on snowy roads.

Alexa, Project Manager

Oldies but goodies: Modern plumbing. Modern dentistry. For 2020 specifically: The privilege to not just work but work from home. My family’s health. Streaming entertainment—I mean…wow. The birds in my backyard. And oddly enough, TikTok—I have learned so much! Have you seen @what_about_bunny? It’s a revelation!

Michaela, Operations/Project Manager

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work and exercise through this pandemic, that has gotten me through it relatively unscathed. Grateful for friends and family who push me to be better but are also there to support me when I need it. And thankful for golden retrievers and all they do for the world.

Eric, Digital Marketing Manager

I am thankful for Fluid allowing me to work across the country two time zones away so that I can be with my wife and have our family of cats with us in one place. I’m also thankful that I bought two packs of Pokémon cards five years ago that are minutes away from netting me massive profits. So that’s cool.

Adam, Senior Graphic Designer

Living with my in-laws. Has anyone ever said that? In these COVID times, it’s been great to have them in my basement through all of this year’s ups and downs. Also, my job. Being able to support my family is something not to be taken for granted right now with many families struggling. And coffee. Always coffee.

Kaylan, Partner

I’m thankful for Mountain Dew. The sweet burn energizes me every day. My dentist, however, is not thankful for it. Or course, my wife and son, a warm home, and the opportunity to do what I love every single day.

Shain, Copywriter

Absolutely thankful for my adorable little son. He lightens up every day with his personality and smiles. Thankful that he’s a healthy and happy boy. Secondly, I’m beyond thankful to still have a job to stay afloat as a single mom. And overall, I’m just very grateful for my family and friends in the US and Germany!

Doreen, Account Supervisor

I am thankful for the opportunity to work from home to keep those around me healthy during this crazy year. Also, because I can wear sweats every day. I am also thankful for all the entertaining animals out there.

Annlie, Graphic Designer

We hope you spend these next few days appreciating everything you have as well. Please, share with others on social media and any phone or video calls you have this Holiday. Enjoy the time you have with loved ones, and most of all, be safe.

Until next Thanksgiving, stay grateful out there.