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A Dream Come True on Elm Street

16 Oct, 2020 Shain Wiederholt Fluid Culture

Let us introduce Eric Krueger. A man of many passions and utmost patience for Freddy Krueger references, he is a perfect addition to the Fluid team. We have an idea what to expect from him, but most importantly we expect him to blow our expectations out of the water. No pressure, bud.


What brings you to Fluid?


I love Fluid’s data-centric approach to advertising. I’m a data-first advertiser by nature, thanks to how I was taught early in my career, so I was eager to learn more after being reached out to by the partners of the company.


What was your first CD?


I have a hard time remembering which came first chronologically, but I think it was “Meteora” by Linkin Park. Good times.


You could’ve chosen any career in the world, why pursue digital marketing?


I kind of fell into digital advertising by accident, honestly. I was a sponsored athlete in high school and was convinced I would go into sports marketing, but my interests turned to digital marketing after my experience and opportunities in college. I love the measurability of it, number of tools, need for creativity—it’s all kind of just won me over.


What’s your secret mutant power that we wouldn’t find out about until the last 30 minutes of the movie?


I’m an abnormally lucky person. I’ve won a few really big raffles and sweepstakes, and the first (and only) time I played blackjack I started with $10 and walked away with over $200. If I were in The Hunger Games, the odds would forever be in my favor.


What’s a subject that you know an embarrassing amount about? (Not including work-related stuff).


Pokémon, probably. It was the entirety of my childhood, but I think most people know me as an athlete, so it surprises them when I pull out the Poké-knowledge.


What do you enjoy about advertising?


How it makes a tangible difference that I can measure. Outside of my career roles I’ve been able to help several friends/acquaintances grow their business just by pointing them in the right direction—it’s pretty powerful stuff. I also love the flexibility and how everything can be done from a laptop. It definitely supports my wanderlust lifestyle.


What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?


Lots of things, it’s hard to choose just one. Unforgettable nights spent with friends. Exploring a new country. Golden retrievers. It’s too hard for me to narrow it down to one thing.


When you’re not driving traffic and leads for clients, what are you up to?


Usually playing some sort of a sport. Hockey, golf, CrossFit, pickleball—I love it all. When COVID isn’t around I’m an avid concert goer, and I’ve learned that while COVID is around, I’m a passionate music creator/producer. I also try to travel internationally twice a year and used to be really involved in photography and videography. I’m trying to get back into that.


Is a calzone a sandwich? Defend your answer.


Yes. It is tasty goodness “sandwiched” in between two pieces of bread (or dough, same thing).


What are some other facts about you?


I was once a speed skater trying to make it into the Olympics. I got into Stanford but chose not to attend (go Cougs). I have an obsession with golden retrievers and am hoping to get my own very soon. And I buy a painting from every country I visit (13 countries so far).


No mention of a sweater collection, so that’s good news. But in all seriousness, could we have gotten any luckier? We’re excited to hear all of Eric’s stories and share in his love for golden retrievers. You could say he’s an employee of our dreams.

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