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9 Design Minded Air Apps Part 3

22 Sep, 2009 McKell Naegle

This is the last set of my recommended Air Apps. I hope that you have found at least one that will help you be a little more productive in your day. The last three are a great help in speeding up your workflow. Make sure and check them out if you missed out on the first 3.

7. RichFLV


RichFLV let`s you edit flv files. Some of the features are:
* Read flv Metadata
* read/edit/modify/delete cuepoints
* cut flvs
* convert the sound of the flv to mp3
* convert flv to swf
* change sound of flv files

8. Adobe Shortcut App


This is a really cool app put together by Adobe education. There are so many shortcuts in the Creative Suite I don’t think anyone could ever know them all. This Nifty little app helps you at least come close to that goal. It breaks down all of the shortcuts by program and it is completely searchable. I know that I can’t ever remember what key you push for the clone tool in Photoshop… Though its defeats the purpose to look at a different window just to know what the shortcut key is hopefully it will help you memorize the list and become a Photoshop master like you’ve always wanted. It even lets you print out the lists so you can have them at your fingertips, night or day. Pick up this great app here.

9. Destroy Flickr


I really like this app. It simply makes using Flickr enjoyable. DestroyFlickr explores alternative methods for viewing and sharing Flickr content. Its user interface provides an environment that benefits photos rather than hindering them. With the ability to look at a photo on a dark, neutral background, you can view it without the interference of a brighter surrounding. By using workspaces and canvases, DestroyFlickr is able to retain a constant history of where you have navigated, offering the ability to revisit an area without the need to reload the entire page. DestroyFlickr takes advantage of features provided by the Adobe® AIR™ SDK that are unavailable to web-based RIAs. With the support of both drag and drop uploading and downloading, posting and saving photos is done in one easy motion. Now you can download the highest resolution version of a photo without having to see it first—just drag a thumbnail to the download menu and the download begins. This app is awesome. Click here to try it out yourself. The developer “The Jonnie” also has a wonder twitter app called Destroy Twitter it doesn’t get much better than this for the twitter api.

Check out all of these great apps and let me know what you think. I would also like to here about your favorites and how they help you make it through the day.

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