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9 Design Minded Air Apps Part 2

18 Sep, 2009 McKell Naegle

It’s time for the second installment of 9 Design Minded Air Apps. I hope that you had a chance to download and try out the first 3. The next bunch is even better.


4. Font Picker – finding the right font for the job

Design Apps | Fluid AdvertisingI don’t know about you but I have about 8000 different fonts in my fontbook and it takes hours to go through the, all. This app makes it easy for you to find the typeface you are looking for. Font Picker is available here.

5. Color Browser

Design Apps | Fluid Advertising

This application is a simple way to create and organize your favorite color palettes. Sets of colors are easily viewable in a clean interface. Edit them, rearrange them, create new sets, make them your own. color browser is available here.

6. Mindomo

Design Apps | Fluid Advertising

The last application is a little different from the previous 5. Mindomo is a mind mapping application, it helps you easily map out websites or complex ideas so that you no longer have to rely on that dirty piece of paper thats sitting in front of you. There is a free version but it doesn’t allow you to save. The full version is $6/mth. Both versions of Mindomo are available here.

There are still 3 more apps to go so make sure and come back Monday morning for the last 3. If you have any Air apps that help you out with the daily grind post in the comments section below!


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