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8 Things You Should Avoid Doing on Valentine’s Day

6 Feb, 2019 Alexa Griffin Holidays

Just a few suggestions to keep this lovely day in harmony.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day to take time and cherish your loved ones – more specifically, your significant other. Heart-shaped candies, red roses and chocolates galore can be found down every aisle at the grocery store, and Hallmark runs movie after movie of how true love beat the odds. So no pressure to really sweep your SO off their feet, right? Instead of feeling the pressure to outdo every rom-com ever, keep it simple and stick to a list of things not to do.

Sure, maybe you were searching for eight things to do on Valentine’s Day. However, we think you’ll find this information quite useful as well. The thing we love most about this list is that absolutely anyone can try it this Valentine’s Day. Get ready to dive in deep and take notes, because we’ve thought long and hard about these things to avoid.

On February 14, consider avoiding the following:

  1. Scuba diving without certification.
  2. Swaddling a crocodile.
  3. Farting in a crowded elevator of nuns.
  4. Flavoring your drinking water with lead.
  5. Performing a root canal on yourself.
  6. Stealing an ancient Egyptian artifact.
  7. Hiking nude through a poison ivy farm.
  8. Driving while blindfolded.

We hope you can take this list and find it helpful in making this Valentine’s Day a success.

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