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6 terms email marketers should know

18 Feb, 2011 McKell Naegle

Want to crack into email marketing campaigns? Before you do, consider immersing yourself in the terms used in this marketing vertical. This list is not exhaustive, but it is a start. If there are other terms we should add, please comment below.

Blacklist: A blacklist is a set of different IP addresses that are suspected of sending out unsolicited email (spam). Being blacklisted is NOT a good thing.

Whitelist: Opposite of blacklist, this is a list of “approved” IP addresses and senders. If an Internet service provider (ISP) has whitelisted an IP address, it is more likely to accept incoming email from that address.

Spam: (The type not in a can). Unsolicited or email that we didn’t sign up (opt in) to receive.

Bounce: An email bounces when it is rejected by the receiving mail system. Why does it bounce? It can be because it has an unknown alias (username) or other permanent error (this is called a hard bounce). Or, it may be because of a full inbox (this is acalled a soft bounce). There are other reasons for emails to bounce as well.

Open rate: The number of emails opened compared with the number sent. In other words, if you send a campaign to a list of 1000 addresses, and 220 emails were opened, you’d have a 22% open rate. Sounds pretty simple. Hold on a moment . . .

Not all ESPs measure open rate the same way. Some count a click as an “open.” Some count those delivered (emails sent minus emails bounced) as the denominator. It gets even more confusing if you consider that “opens” are really just a measure of an email that’s received in a person’s email inbox, and so does not necessarily mean the email message has been read. (The industry is moving to standardize the way open rates are measured.)

Email service provider (ESP): An ESP is an entity that facilitates email marketers in sending out mass emails to their clients, prospects, and customers. Many ESPs also provide strategy and consulting services.

NOTE: Fluid Studio is an ESP; contact us at 801-295-9820 if you need help or have questions.

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