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5 Ways to Master Facebook Marketing

6 Jul, 2010 McKell Naegle

Facebook groups enable you to demonstrate your expertise in a specific area. By maintaining a regular presence in the social media community and meaningfully contributing to conversation your company can be viewed as a valued opinion. Here are a 5 tips to help you get there:

1. Consistent Contact

  • Don’t just post on your page. Regularly review your page to see who has “liked” and commented on your page. Answer any questions that may be asked. Express gratitude for those who have participated in your contests or promotions. Be sincere. Establish yourself as a “real” person who cares about your supporters and value their feedback. This can also help you address complaints before they get out of hand.

2.  A Picture is Worth 1,000 words

  • It doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one reads it. Graphics and videos add variety to your page and attract people’s attention. They also aid people’s understanding. Allow people to tag your photos and encourage them to share your links on their personal pages.

3. Become a Trusted Resource

  • Give easy how-to tips, share latest trends, provide links to the best local or online deals – anything to give value to your followers and encourages them to regularly check your page. Leave them wanting more. If you want them to do something specific – make sure there is a direct and clear call to action wherever they land.

4. Facebook Advertising

  • Facebook ads can complement your already existing marketing efforts. The convenient thing about these ads are how targeted they can be – you can choose to only have your ads appear for male or females, certain ages, cities, education level, marital status, interests, etc. You are only charged when people actually click on the ad for more information and you can regularly change the image and phrasing used with your ad to see what is the most attractive to consumers.

5. Custom Tabs

  • The most successful Facebook Pages (such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola) have custom tabs that are interactive for their fans. Suggested uses for these tabs are contest entry forms, maps, reviews, menus, videos – anything you think will make your brand stand out from the rest. You want to be able to give consumers a taste of your brand so they get hooked and want more.

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