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5 Ways of Capturing a Loyal YouTube Audience

16 Jun, 2010 McKell Naegle

YouTube makes up the world’s largest online video community and is growing in popularity. YouTube viewers watch 2 billion videos per day and upload hundreds of thousands of videos on a daily basis. With all of this traffic, YouTube has been quite a venue for marketers and advertisers to find a new way of reaching their target audience. When advertising on YouTube there are options for advertisers to do things such as video advertising, sponsoring contests, and creating brand channels.

With so many users of YouTube, how do individuals and companies compete for market share for their target audience? Well, here is a list of 5 ways of capturing a loyal audience on YouTube:

  1. Create Meaningful Content
    1. Content is king, but add value to the targeted audience by asking why they would want to watch your video.
    2. Add creative content, such as vlog, how-tos, interviews, news-focused, etc.
  2. Package and Brand Consistently
    1. Having a strong point of view within your content helps to define your brand and position yourself as a leader and expert in your field.
    2. The packaging of the video refers to the branding expressed in your content.
  3. Utilize the Platform – This is not TV
    1. People are not just watching content, they are sharing it via email, Twitter, and Facebook.
    2. Engaging with viewers can effectively convert fans into a mobilized marketing team.
  4. Optimize Your Video for Search
    1. Create smart titles and descriptions, and tag relevant keywords.
    2. Avoid spam-like tagging.
  5. Partner With Experts to Build Large Audiences.

Implementing these 5 tips will help to ensure that your audience is growing and also coming back for some more.

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