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Building a Killer Social Media Team

9 Nov, 2010 McKell Naegle

building social media teams

1. Set Clear Goals

Before you think of who should be on your team, you need to first decide why you are putting together a social media team and what functions you want them to perform. Decide:

  • who you want to engage and on what level you want that engagement to take place
  • what kind of messages you would like to convey
  • how you are going to measure the effectiveness of your effot
  • what you want to get back internally from these efforts

2. Create a Social Media Policy First

Every company with a presence in the social space should have a social media policy (even if it’s just a few lines) advising employees how you’d prefer they reference your brand online. Consider how you want your brand represented. Your social media team is going to be speaking for your brand, so it’s important that they are able to communicate in a way that shows the personality of your company. This should be composed BEFORE organizing your social media team, so you can make sure each member fits the criteria you’re requiring. For example, if your aiming for a very professional approach, don’t hire a person who uses a large quantity of ! and 🙂 in their writing.

3. Recruit Internally

This is not possible in all cases, but it is a huge advantage to have people who not only have social media experience, but who are familiar with your products and services so they are able to market accurately and answer questions or respond to concerns. This will improve your speed, accuracy and improve the quality of your online customer service. Another plus of utilizing internal experts is that they already have a passion for your products and services – that conveys itself through social media.

4. Consider the main functions of each job and which person has the best qualifications to fit those

In addition to business skills, various  social and communication skills. Customer advocacy, writing skills, editorial planning and reporting are important roles to find the best person to fill. Other crucial skills that all members of your social media team need to have are the ability to muli-task and paying close attention to details. You want someone who pays attention to the detail of their content, strategy, message and projects, but also someone who can do it quickly.

A social media team should have at least one person that knows their numbers and stats. Stats are crucial in not only measuring performance or ROI, but also in understanding your community and what they respond to, what works for them. (Ideally everyone on the team be comfortable enough to handle and interpret data)

5. Stay Committed

Creating your policy and building up your team are just the beginning. You need to be thinking long term. It is important to stay committed and consistent. Once you engage with your consumers and start a conversation, they will expect you to be there and be responsive. You don’t want to build a faceless presence for your business online – you want to create a personality that people can relate to. Don’t forget that social media is an ever-changing industry and there is always something new to be discovered. Even the most suitable candidate needs ongoing development and possibly even further training (it’s worth the investment!)

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