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5 of My Favorite Email Campaigns

3 Aug, 2017 Amanda McDonald

Email marketing can be a tricky niche to get into. But there is so much opportunity when it comes to creating engaging and appealing content for users.

With the help from CampaignMonitor.com and Hubspot.com I have compiled a list of five of my favorite email campaigns.


  1. The Skimm

I always had a hard time reading through the dry content of CNN and other news sources. So my sister told me about The Skimm and I was HOOKED! I’ve been a subscriber of this funny, catchy and informative news email for years. They provide timely news stories in an interesting way with strong headlines and short content. Fortunately, they also provide links so you can dive into the news even further. The Skimm has found a great niche to turn news into digestible and fun content.

  1. O’Neil

This email is fun and appealing to the eye. Not only do they use vibrant colors to grab the reader’s attention, but they also show the product in action. This is one of my favorite hero images because it shows the product while it’s being used and highlights it to the right of the image. All in all, the email is very clean and involves a few of their products which will result in user engagement.

  1. Sephora

This is one of my favorites because of its simplicity. The email begins with a makeup feature on the model. Next, it shows a beautiful black, white and red cartoon with the message of a way to win a trip to Paris. Then you have the strong CTA in a bright pink button. It’s a simple and to the point email that highlights all the right actions for the user.

  1. Top Shop

This one is similar to the O’neil email with the product announcement in the hero, but I really like what they did below with the different outfit options. They are showing a subscriber how they might utilize the products while upselling by putting them together. They’ve presented these two engagement points in a clean and appealing manner.

  1. Fabletics

Now this one I might be slightly bias on because I love their products. However, as a consumer I’m always engaging with their emails. Not only are they simple and highlight their products, but they personalize my experience. They know my interests and purchase history so they can dynamically pull in products I’ll want. Their personalization makes it hard not to click on the product to see more options.


Now it’s your turn to create a jaw dropping and engaging email campaign. Whether it’s a transaction or announcement email you can really play around with fun and engaging ideas. Just remember to determine your ultimate email goal, create strong imagery and a personalize the user experience.




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