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5 Easy Steps to a Successful School Enrollment Retarget Campaign

5 Jun, 2017 Amanda McDonald

It’s that time of year again when that students are finishing their school year and may be thinking about where they might want to go next. This is when their research on future opportunities begins. As an education service, you can take advantage of this process.

Here are the five steps you need to take to successfully launch your retargeting campaign.

  1. Set up a strong search and PPC campaign to gain the initial users who are searching for opportunities. In this step, you want to be sure to breakdown your site into different audience channels. This will create a site audience bucket you can retarget for engagement and eventually getting them to enroll.
  2. Establish various retargeting campaigns. We like to always tell clients to begin with the basics:
    1. Drive brand awareness
    2. Dive into benefits during the research phase
    3. Segment your audience based on interest
  3. Create your campaign assets. This stage is the fun part that allows you to create your brand and story, and convey the school’s benefit to the student. Also, this is where you have the opportunity to A/B test (or segment ads to see which has more engagement) and even create GIF ads. A key note is to be sure to engage the user with the right language and images in your ads. You’ll want to convey the actual benefit they will be getting from your school.
  4. Campaign specific landing pages. Sometimes you will want to create a landing page specifically for your campaign. Be sure they are consistent with your banner ads, provide a strong headline, capture with bullets and provide quick or future benefit for the user. Also, make sure that these pages provide what the user is looking for.
  5. Start pushing the users through the funnel. We always suggest starting with brand awareness and moving further down the conversion path as they interact with your campaign. It’s always beneficial to have other digital channels running at the same time, such as email. This will continue engagement and movement through the funnel.

Keep in mind that these steps can sometimes go in different order or be altered while your campaign is running. We recommend that you A/B test and find the top performing text, images and ads for your service. Also, it’s important to change your ads every few months so they don’t get what we call “ad fatigue.” Finally, when all your campaigns are running be sure to watch them closely and stay on top of industry trends. Good luck!

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