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5 Companies We Expect Big Things From in 2016

8 Dec, 2015 McKell Naegle

Each month approximately 540,000 new businesses are started. Each founder looks to achieve the American dream of leading a life full of freedom and prosperity. The unfortunate truth is that many of these new business ventures don’t last very long, and few succeed to produce the kind of income and freedom that many entrepreneurs crave. However, there are many that become immensely successful. This kind of business startups inspires thousands of others to attempt their own ventures. In this post we will be looking at some exciting businesses, all of them no more than five years old. In their short existence, each of these ventures have proven that they have something exciting and valuable to offer in the past. In this post, we will look at what bright futures might be in store for each of these companies.


Periscope is an app now owned by Twitter. It allows users to live broadcast whatever they may be seeing to any random person who wants to experience life in someone else’s shoes for a little bit. Periscope has already generated major buzz within the advertising world about its potential to reach audiences in new ways. This potential has been relatively untapped by most advertisers so far, but I predict in 2016 that will begin to change. The potential behind Periscope is huge. Brands are always looking for ways to connect more deeply and personally with their customers and potential customers. Periscope will prove to be an extremely powerful tool to that end.

2-The Void

 The Void is a company based here in Utah that offers a gaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever heard of. Think laser tag meets virtual reality. The Void offers an indoor adventure that takes players though an actual physical maze. Players wear virtual reality gear projecting images to the walls of the maze that seriously make it look like you are inside a video game. Check out this video for a better idea:

The Void is open to the public but is still in a beta state. Watch out for this company to become one of Utah’s most talked-about attractions in 2016.


Jet is a company that generated a great deal of buzz earlier this year when they held a competition rewarding whoever brought the most new social media fans to the company with 100,000 shares of Jet stock. Jet is essentially an online version of Costco and is being called the “Amazon killer” and Costco’s biggest competition. There is no annual fee, and the prices of bulk items beat Amazon almost across the board. Jet is still new, but watch out for it to start to make some serious noise in the e-commerce world come 2016.


Instagram is perhaps the most well-known business on here. It has been around the longest (though still only five years old) and is already worth billions of dollars. Instagram is a photo-sharing app that boasts over 400 million active users every month. The big news came earlier this year though when Instagram opened its advertising platform to the general public. Small and large businesses alike can now get in front of Instagram users. Instagram’s advertising tools are still new, but since it’s owned by Facebook, you can expect some dramatic changes in the near future. Instagram is poised to disrupt the digital marketing world yet again.


Instacart is a new approach to an old problem. Everyone loves food, but sometimes you really just want to sit around and have someone feed it to you. While Instacart doesn’t do the actual feeding, you can order your groceries and food online and have it delivered to you. Instacart is unique because it allows you to shop from many different grocery stores online. They guarantee groceries will be delivered in under an hour so you don’t have to worry about not getting food in time for the party you forgot you were hosting. Instacart was founded in 2012 and already is posting revenue numbers of over a whopping $100 million.

Each year brings many unexpected things to the business world, and 2016 will certainly be no different. These companies above are leading way for disruptive businesses and will continue to innovate. We all can probably learn a thing or two from their business models and marketing tactics. I look forward to hearing what each of these companies and other ones as well can accomplish in the coming years.

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