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4 ways to realize success with social media marketing

18 Feb, 2010 McKell Naegle


  • Listen more than you speak. Most of us can relate to this one from our person one-to-one interactions with others. Seeing the results in social media is less about marketing promotion and more about engaging your target audience in a conversation. Listen and respond to your customers, and you’ll create that valuable relationship we always seek in marketing!
  • Seek to understand how and why your target audience utilizes social media. Is it to pass time? Connect with others? Get information? Be entertained? Researching your customer and prospect demographics (and desires) will help you create customer-centric content. And we all know content is king on the web.
  • Slice and dice! (No, this is not a Cutco knives commercial). You should monitor and measure all activities–after all, that is one of the reason to use web-based apps—their back-end analytical data set is very rich. Learn how to measure social media ROI (based on your intial goals, objectives, strategies, and subsequent tactics) and zero in on what leads you to success.
  • Be real! Transparency is the key. Do not be a “cold” brand. If you get some compliments online and other types of positive interactions, thank the contributor genuinely (and maybe even offer a discount or special bonus). If you get some responses that are not so positive, do not ignore them. Address them and admit fault (if fault exists) with a strong statement and commitment to right the wrong and get better in the future.

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