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4 Secrets of Using Social Media for B2B Marketing

12 Sep, 2017 Juliana DeMay

It’s not just for the consumer anymore!

Written by Juliana DeMay, Social Media Queen

B2B, B2C, ABC… Social Media Marketing can be a tangled jungle. However, there is more to it than what meets the eye. If you look at social media from a new perspective, it can be your most valuable tool. Just because you work in a “boring” industry doesn’t mean you can’t use social media marketing. The more creative and forward-thinking you can be, the more you will stand out from your competitors. Here are four ways you can use B2B social media marketing.

  1. White Pages and Webinars — White papers and webinars can be a powerful tool, demonstrating how savvy your company is in its market while standing out from competitors. An education-based strategy can lead to brand loyalty from other businesses that want to work with you.By providing valuable quality information, people will be more willing to give out information such as email, thus generating qualified leads. By the time someone is done reading white pages or watching a webinar, they are so amazed by what they could do, they will want to hire you. (Just like this article…Go Fluid!)
  2. LinkedIn — LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to show off your company’s personality and what it stands for besides its business objectives. Sharing ideas, taking a stand on political issues (when appropriate), and creating a voice for your company will create an air of personification, fostering trust from other people and making them want to team up with you.For example, Patagonia is very vocal on LinkedIn and is seen as the “moral compass” of the outdoor industry. They put a large amount of effort into talking about their stance on climate change, national monument debates and sustainability practices. By creating a reputation of a company that “does the right thing,” they have grown exponentially in comparison to their competitors.
  3. Branding — Look the part! Create consistency with color schemes, fonts, headers and language. Not only will it make your brand look more professional, it will be easier for the user to navigate your page and recognize your brand.But branding goes beyond colors and images. It also is contributed to by your “brand voice,” an essential component of brand marketing. View this webinar on rebranding your company for more inspiration.
  4. Social listening – Use social listening to see what your competitors are doing. They might be going for the same or similar target market as your business, and seeing their value proposition will allow you to compare how your company’s social media stacks up. Use tools like NUVI to stay on top of what’s happening in your industry.

In this über connected world we live in, social media marketing is far more than the B2C marketer. Social media provides a platform for B2B marketers to highlight their companies, educate potential clients, improve their social media marketing strategy, and develop current and new business relationships. The best part is you can start right NOW. So what are you waiting for?

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