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14 tips for inbound marketing

8 Feb, 2016 McKell Naegle

Inbound marketing has become very popular and has proven to be very successful when applied correctly. Check out our list of 14 tips to improve your inbound marketing efforts!

Inbound marketing is really any tactic that gets the customer to come to you as opposed to you having to put yourself in front of and disrupt the customer.
1. Understand your customer

This will help you understand what content to produce, where to show it, what messaging to use, and even what to sell. Understanding your customer should be at the heart of any marketing strategy.

2.    Link keywords to internal pages

This will help to keep your site visitors on your page and will help with your rankings in search engines.

3.    Publish quality content

Show your prospects how awesome your company is!

4.    Publish content consistently and frequently

Don’t let your prospects forget about how awesome your company is!

5.    Don’t forget your CTA

Adding a strong Call to Action can increase engagement rate by up to 90% or more

6.    Consistently refine your message

Marketing is all about testing, re-testing, and even more re-testing.

7.    Nurture your leads

use email, social media, gift packages, whatever it takes but keep them at the forefront of your mind, and they will keep you at the forefront of theirs.

8.    Employ conversion rate optimization

Run tests on your website to see if you can increase your conversion rate! Don’t assume that just because your website has a pretty design it is friendly to conversions.

9.    Don’t forget SEO!

SEO combined with PPC, Social Media, and other digital channels will boost your brand recognition and click through rates.

10.    Don’t over promote yourself

Your awesome. We get it. Nobody wants to hear about it all the time though.

11.    Use PPC

PPC allows you to get in front of potential customers right as they are looking for you! On average companies make $2 for every $1 spent on PPC.

12.    Use Landing pages

Very rarely should you send traffic to your homepage. Your website exists for educational purposes; a landing page is meant to generate conversions.

13.    White papers / gated content

Offer highly valuable content in exchange for a bit of information, such as an email address or phone number. Make sure that the gated content is interesting and valuable enough that it is desirable!

14.    Info graphics
Info graphics have a great engagement rate. They are a quick way to gain new customers attention and do a good job of presenting yourself as a thought leader in the industry. Just make sure what your infographic reports is accurate and valuable.

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