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10 Things That Require Zero Talent

18 Dec, 2019 Juan Garcia Uncategorized

After working both sides of the management chain I have seen both co-workers and employees surprise and disappoint me when it came to basic expectations of the workplace. I read an interesting article and thought it was something everyone should read. So, I tailored it for my current position and shared some insights.

  1. Being on time – The simplest yet one of the most overlooked items in the working world. We have all heard the expression time is money. So why are we wasting money by not being on time? Not only is it important to be timely to meetings and events, but ensuring you are at work on time shows you are prepared for your role’s responsibilities.
  2. Attitude – Someone is always watching, whether it’s the new intern observing you to see how to conduct themselves or the senior level manager viewing your growth since starting with the company. The way you present yourself and the attitude you bring to the table can change the way others look at you and have an impact on the various promotions you can get.
  3. Body language – Just like your attitude, the way you carry yourself around the office is a tell of how you feel about your job. It’s okay to have moments of stress and discomfort but the way you conduct yourself during these times not only affects your current mood or situation but those around you, too.
  4. Passion – Love what you do, and it will show. If you are excited about what you are working on, others will be able to see that. You can find good in all you do but there are times when it’s a little harder to find. As you learn to be passionate about your work, you will begin to ensure all your deliverables are the highest quality possible.
  5. Being prepared – This can be one of the most overlooked points. Being prepared comes in many different forms. Whether it’s studying for a client presentation or having an answer to tough questions, it all takes time to prepare and anticipate what could be coming. All those years of testing in school were to help you learn how to prepare, not so the teacher could see you struggle.
  6. Being coachable – Be a sponge and soak in all that you can from those around you. We all have different perspectives and we can glean much from those around us if we are willing to listen. People are willing and able to help, but you have to ask for guidance.
  7. Work ethic – Be willing to work. There are times you may need to stay a little late or come in early but know that those times are necessary to provide the best service possible. You’re in the business of helping clients, which means you will be asked to do something you may not want to, but if you are willing to take that step, it goes a long way. 
  8. Effort – Lack of effort can affect the whole team. Being willing to put in effort will help boost the way others look at you in the workplace. Think of a time when you were waiting for someone to complete their portion of a project, but they just put something together to check it off their to-do list. No one likes those types people nor the results that come from their lack of effort.
  9. Energy – Get the right amount of sleep to be alert and attentive. If you bring energy to meetings you help set the tone of how productive it could be. You can help lift those around you when they seem to be lacking.
  10. Doing extra – I’m a huge proponent of going the extra mile. It helps you stand out in the crowd of people working in the same office. Helping coworkers when you have a spare moment shows you are willing to do a little extra and in return, they will be willing to help when you are facing a similar situation.

Had I been provided this list when I first started working, I could have gleaned fantastic insights to help shape my career. I hope you find the same value I did after you read this article. 

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