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10 Horror Movie Posters That Are So Bad, It’s Scary

26 Oct, 2017 Brett Ferrin Brand & Traditional Advertising

It’s October again, that wonderful time of year where we celebrate the things that scare us most. For most, these include things like zombies, witches, clowns or vampires. But for a designer, nothing is scarier than a poorly designed movie poster. In spirit of the season, here are our top 10 terrifying movie poster designs:

1. One Missed Call

Why does this woman have screaming mouths for eyes? We have no idea. Sure, it’s a creepy and disturbing image but the lack of logical concept is much scarier.

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

2. Blood Beach

Who knew being eaten alive by killer sand could look so awkward? Can you image how delightfully terrible that photo shoot must have been if THIS was the winning photo?

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

3. Bones

“This Halloween, Unleash the Dogg.”

Lazy tagline writing at its best! *Cue the Baha Men*

Between the tagline and the over filtered photo of Snoop, you’ve got yourself a scream-inducing poster.

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

4. Dreamaniac

If you’re going to rip off a popular horror movie franchise, it might be wise to not blatantly advertise it in the tagline and concept of your movie poster.

That being said, the murderous looking and giant 2007 Britney Spears breaking through a wall is a nice touch.

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

5. The Gingerdead Man

This is a Photoshop and typographic monstrosity. I get that this movie is supposed to be a campy horror comedy, but that doesn’t mean basic rules of typography should be ignored. The horror!

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

6. Troll 2

This infamous B-movie is titled “Troll 2” but bizarrely doesn’t feature any trolls at all. It’s all about Goblins. So it makes sense the poster would feature a giant werewolf and a tagline mentioning the Boogeyman. At least they’re staying on brand, right?

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

7. Jurassic Shark

Where do we even begin with this one? With the shameless rip-off of Jurassic Park or with the illogical Photoshopping of the giant shark?

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

8. Leprechaun

Before Jennifer Aniston was an A-list actress, she was being cropped into poorly designed movie posters featuring Leprechauns and painfully uninspired typography.

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

9. The Broken

Choosing to photoshop Lena Headey’s face into a broken bottle was, well – a choice.

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

10. Left Behind

Ok. Sure, this isn’t technically a horror film. It’s a religious apocalyptic thriller. But you can’t tell me the bad Photoshopping of Nicholas Cage in this poster isn’t the most horrifying thing you’ve seen on this list.

Scary Movie Poster | Fluid Advertising

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