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9 Design Minded Air Apps

17 Sep, 2009 McKell Naegle

Adobe Air is a new thing that I have been playing with over the past couple of months. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Adobe Air is basically a very light program that allows you to run programs created by various people. It’s the iPhone app store for your computer. The good news is that most of the apps are free! All you need to do is download Adobe Air available for free here. There are  still a relatively small amount of applications but I have found some great design focused apps that can help with your everyday creative ventures. This 3 part series will review 9 of what I think are the most useful apps.

1. Tilt Shift Generator

Tilt Shift
If you have ever stayed up nights watching Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network you’ll be familiar with this style of photography. First created by using a special tilt shift lenses this effect can easily be created on the computer. I have use this technique quite a few times while Photoshopping files but it is quite a few steps to produce the desired result. The Tilt Shift Generator App makes it extremely simple to get a great depth of field on any photograph. All you have to do is upload the pic adjust the bars on the left and save your file. It couldn’t be any simpler. You can download the app at http://labs.artandmobile.com/tiltshift/ it is also available for the iPhone here for ¢99. You can see the before image of the bike below.


2. BetaDesigns Caliper


This is a simple little tool that floats over everything else on the screen and measures the exact dimension in pixels. The caliper can be rotated and placed anywhere on your screen. This is very helpful when creating images for the web. A single pixel can mess up the entire layout of the page so accuracy is important. The BetaDesigns Caliper is available at the adobe air marketplace.

3. ImageSizer


ImageSizer is a very handy app for quickly sizing pictures to whatever size you need. You can do entire folders and it seems to move a little quicker than Photoshop batch and image processor. Another handy thing I noticed while writing this post is that it recognizes when you have images in your clipboard and asks if you would like to resize them. This is great for those with macs, you can take a screenshot, and almost instantly save it to the size that you need. The app is available for free from Adobe Marketplace

This is only the first part of my 3 part series on Adobe Air Apps. Try out these 3 and let me know what you like and don’t like. Check out the next post featuring 3 more great apps.

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