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10 Awesome Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

10 Mar, 2011 McKell Naegle

Guerrilla marketing is a non-traditional approach to promotion that relies more on creativity, time, and imagination, rather than a big marketing budget. Guerrilla marketing campaigns tend to be unexpected, as you’ll see in the following videos, as well as interactive, directly engaging your target audience.

The main objective of guerrilla marketing is to generate buzz about a particular product or cause, by creating unique, engaging ideas that people will want to share.

Mashable posted a story, featuring 10 creative examples of companies taking advantage of guerrilla marketing, here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Absolut Vodka placed an opened and tattered vodka box on an airport luggage belt. When the box moved by unsuspecting passengers, they would notice the rifled through box and their slogan “Absolut Temptation” sprawled on the side. All bottles of vodka were taken but one, making it look as though someone, possible the handsy TSA workers, had ripped the box opened and gave in to their temptations.

  1. Loctites campaign to show off the strength of its Super Glue 3 product is a traditional practical joke, turned brilliant marketing campaign. The old glue the coin to the street. This time they added a little paper above the coin, letting the passerby’s know exactly what’s holding that coin down.

  1. SIXT, a car rental company in Germany, needed a creative way to get their message out to thousands of people in the Hamburg airport. They decided to set up 6 free wi-fi networks, but name each one with a different company slogan. So when you search for a wireless network, you were shown a list of six headlines, such as “Take a seat in your very own cockpit, the SIXT airport special: A BMW 3 Series from 159 Euro.” After you clicked on the wireless network to connect, instead of going to a credentials page, you were taken to SIXT’s homepage. Smart!

  1. My favorite example is Volkswagen’s installation of a fast lane down the stairs of a subway station. Volkswagen’s crew installed a bright red slide over a large flight of stairs, naming it the fast lane. “The speed message suits a car marquee well, so too the sense of fun suits the brand message of the car being promoted, the Polo GTi” I personally think slides should be installed over all stair cases!

Guerrilla Marketing is a fun way to get your message out, but you’ve got use it with other forms of marketing as well. If people were interested in the Polo GTi, what’s the next step? I, personally would run home and enter “Polo GTi” into Google and hope that Volkswagen has been optimizing their site with a professional SEO secialist so I don’t have to scour through search results to find what I need.

Once I do find the website I’d hope it was as creative as the guerilla marketing campaign, with a great design, quick and easy to use, with the most important or interesting information shown first.

For more information on guerrilla marketing, an SEO campaign or the benefits of great design, contact us here at Fluid Studio in the Salt Lake area.

Find the other 5 guerrilla marketing campaigns at Mashable’s website here.


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