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The Teams

Prepare to be blinded by pure awesomeness.
The Partners

O Captain! My Captain!

The yin to our yang, the peanut butter to our jelly, the milk to our cookies. Without our partners, we’d just be wandering around aimlessly in circles.

Ryan Anderson

Partner & Executive Creative Director

Kyle Curtis

Partner & President

Ashley Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

The Creative Team

Arts and Farts and Crafts

“The Creative team is the most important team of them all,” says the biased copywriter writing this intro blurb. We’ll let you decide for yourself.


Frank Imler

Art Director

Alex Naylor

Senior Copywriter

Adam Fulton

Senior Designer

Melissa Dallof


Annlie Stevenson


The Development Team

Like Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day, but with websites.

If you’ve ever worked with us before, then these names still won’t sound familiar. The Developers like to keep it that way.

Zack Warren

Director of Development

Shawn Koga


Austin Killian


Alec Jackson


The Digital Team

We Will Control the Horizontal. We Will Control the Vertical.

Making sense of all that data that the rest of us don’t understand is what the Digital team excels at. After all, you would’ve never found us without them.

McKell Naegle

Social Media Marketing Manager

Remo Galli

SEO Specialist

Clytie Robinette

Social Media Specialist

The Account Management Team

Every Fellowship needs a Gandalf. That’s us.

Introducing the guardians of creative briefs, the masters of client relations, the ring leaders of this crazy circus – the Account Management team.

Doreen Garstka

Account Supervisor

Scott Hendrix

Senior Account Manager

Michaela Ingle

Senior Project Manager

Juan Garcia

Account Manager

Alexa Griffin

Project Manager

Miranda Nunez

Project Manager

Jessica Patterson

Account Manager

The Strategy Team

Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!

Unless you love the feeling of soul-crushing defeat, don’t challenge our strategist to a game of chess. But you can challenge them to help you build amazing marketing strategies, though.

Ryan Beck

Director of Strategy

The Business Development Team

Blake gives us all the coffee.

When you need to chat about how to take your business to the next level or about how your kid’s soccer game went, our business development team is here to listen and consult.

Tara Haskins

Director of Business Development



The Administration Team

Smiling Faces at the Front Desk.

Without the Administration team, none of our bills would get paid. And we’d starve to death, too, since no one else will refill the cereal shelf.


Jamie O'Toole

Administrative Assistant

Brooke McBride

Office Manager

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