Utah Digestive Health Institute

“I use Fluid Studio for all of my graphic design, print, and direct mail needs. They are great to work with!”

-JP Shepherd, Business Director, Utah Digestive Health Institute


Create an advertising campaign for Colon Cancer Awareness Month for Utah Digestive Health Institute (UDHI) that would brand UDHI, be memorable, and increase patient screenings. Also create an identity set that would better reflect the purpose of UDHI.


Utah Digestive Health Institute has become the premier digestive health practice in Utah and is renowned as one of the foremost authorities regarding digestive health. Education on colon cancer has been a focal point for UDHI and has attracted many of the patients they now serve.


A simple, clean design for outdoor and print ads was the obvious solution in trying to get colon cancer awareness heightened. Fluid Studio’s copywriter created multiple humorous, memorable headlines for the ads and billboards.

The design was geared toward grabbing the attention of the viewer and enticing them to read the memorable headline.

The identity set was another simple, clean design which utilized the concept of intertwined lines which represented the digestive track. The logo was a move away from the staff and serpent that most clinics tend to use. The design of the logo has helped reinforce the message that UDHI is the premier digestive health practice in Utah.