Twitter Weekly Updates for Fluid Studio

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for Fluid Studio:
    Twitter Tweets about Rhodes Rolls as of May 3, 2009 #
  • Mother Lover: The Elusive Justin Timberlake Mother’s Day Video: Last night’s Saturday Night Live featured .. #
  • Prism 1.0 for Firefox: Gmail, Facebook, YouTube and More on Your Desktop: The browser and the desktop are meldin.. #
  • Watch your step!:
    I saw this image and thought it was cool. Reminds me of the house in Lemony Snicket’s A.. #
  • Fluid Studio Provides Social Media Marketing for Utah Non-Profits:

    Fluid is presenting a social media mark.. #

  • Last day to sign up for “Using Facebook To Grow Your Business” w/ the discount. Seminar is Friday, May 15 @11:30am: #
  • Bitrix Releases Intranet Portal 8, Focuses on Collaboration, Culture: Bitrix’s (news, site) enterprise 2.0.. #
  • SharePoint 2010: Preparing Your Infrastructure: It’s getting closer. SharePoint 2010 that is. And now that.. #
  • Interactive Housewives Finale Nets Social Media Success for Bravo: Last week, Bravo hosted a virtual viewing par.. #
  • Goalkeeper: Project Management With an Emphasis on Usability: This post is part of Mashable’s Spark of Genius se.. #
  • By Hubble:
    These are fantastic shots from Hubble Telescope over the years. I love retro sci-fi illustration and.. #
  • Stand Back for the Exploded View!: What’s not to love about exploded diagrams? Patton looks at the ways th.. #
  • Vivvo Enters SaaS Web CMS Market: Vivvo (news, site), the simple PHP-based Web content management system that we.. #
  • CubeTree: Social Networking for the Enterprise: We know it, you know it, everyone knows it—social networki.. #
  • Content Viewer Raises the Bar for Mobile Entertainment: Mobifusion, a mobile apps developer in the mood to promi.. #
  • MLUC09: Future Trends in Information Access: "We have to know about our customers better because by 2012, i.. #
  • RIP Internet Explorer: 1995-2021: Some of us in the web community really wish Internet Explorer would die. It ma.. #
  • Gmail Lets You Import Contacts and Mail from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL: Gmail’s become the web-based email clien.. #
  • Successful Project Management Takes GeniusInside: Ready to take the next step to help streamline your project ma.. #
  • Event Management with EPiServer Web Content Management: EPiServer (news, site) is offering a new free addition t.. #
  • Good Taste Fail: Tweeji Tweets Dead People: Tweeji is a new Twitter-like site in the same vein as CelebrityTweet.. #
  • Twitter: “We Screwed Up” on #fixreplies: In a commendable move for the company, Twitter has done what it needed .. #
  • Fluid Wins at the AIGA 100 Show:

    Fluid won 2 awards at the annual AIGA 100 Show, the region’s most prestigious.. #

  • Collaboration Service Drops Simple Presentation App: We like to have fun on Fridays just as much as the next guy.. #
  • Thanks to Our Fabulous Sponsors (15-May-2009): Here we are at the end of Friday again. This week’s news di.. #
  • Free Coldplay Album: Good Luck Downloading It!: In another sign of the times for the evolving music industry, Co.. #
  • LIVE: The Wolfram Alpha Non-Launch: Here we are, watching the live (!) Wolfram Alpha launch. The tension is high.. #
  • Utah nonprofits hope to find new patrons via Facebook, Twitter with Fluid’s help:

    The Tanner Dance pro.. #

  • Weekly Roll Up – Top Stories, Memes and Moments (16-May-2009): The twists, turns and tips you need for staying u.. #
  • Preakness Online: The 5 Step Preakness Crash Course: At home, at lunch, and on Twitter, everyone seems to be tal.. #
  • Why Social Media Revolts Take Place (and How We Might Prevent Them): This week, we were witnesses to Twitter&#82.. #
  • Minimal but effective . . .:
    I like this for its simplicity—nothing more!
    Like it?
    Find more HER.. #
  • Successfully utilizing e-mail in conjunction with social media: If you are looking to monetize and have efficien.. #