The Role of Social Media in the World Cup

Social media has changed the way popular events have occurred in the past. During the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, people were tweeting and posting comments about everything that happened. Now, as the World Cup Finals are just around the corner, social media influence is playing a bigger part than ever before.

At the last World Cup (2006), this connection would not have been possible because Twitter did not exist. With the invention of Twitter, players and fans can know everything that is going on. In the past, the players are so guarded and protected; with Twitter, the players are able to get their thoughts out, unfiltered.

The amount of traffic on Twitter at the beginning of the world cup was overwhelming. It seemed like every viewer had something to say. Many users even got the “fail whale,” an error function from too many people using Twitter at one time. Tweets seemed to spike during the games.

On Sunday, as the Netherlands meet Spain in the World Cup Final, people all over the world will be tuning in via social media. Will you?

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