How many text messages does the typical American teen send/receive each day?

Growth in teen texting has made people do a doubletake.


The typical American teen sends and/or receives 50 or more text messages a day (1,500 per month).

Is that an estimate? A stab in the dark number?


That number comes from the Pew Research Center, a highly respected research center on mobile usage.

The report issued last Tuesday stated that daily text messaging among American teens has shot up in the past 18 months from 38% of teens texting friends daily in February of 2008, to 54% of teens texting daily in September 2009.

31% of teens send and receive more than 100 messages per day or more than 3,000 messages a month, and 15% of teens who are texters send more than 200 texts a day, or more than 6,000 texts a month.


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Is this the trend you see? Will it continue to rise in your opinion?