Text Messaging is the Most Popular

In a growing world of advancing technology where people are able to communicate through email and internet on their Smartphones, the most popular form of communication is still one of the easiest and most accessible forms, which is standard text messaging.

 For people ages 12 – 17 in the U.S., texting stands to be the main communication medium, exceeding email, phone, and face-to-face conversation. Of that, boys ages 14 – 17 send an average of 30 text messages per day, where girls, ages 14 – 17, send an average of 100 text messages per day. Comparatively, adults from 18 plus years of age send an average of 10 text messages per day. Each of these daily text messages being sent has totaled up to be over 5 trillion text messages sent worldwide by the end of 2009.

 Text messaging has been one of a kind in its short messaging form, until the launch of Twitter. Even with Twitter’s growing popularity, text messaging still surpasses it in popularity and also in communication. Do you think that texting will hold its ground as the most popular form of communication?