Super Bowl Ads – Our Favorites

Finally! The big day. After long days, hard work, and big budgets, we got to see what we’ve all been waiting for — the Super Bowl commercials! Ok, yes, there was a game going on as well, but we’re all about the ads. Did they surprise? Disappoint? Exceed expectations? From the reactions so far, it seems like a bit of everything. We decided to go around the office at Fluid and ask some of our employees which ad was their favorite (or least favorite).


Watch the ads below, and make sure to comment below with your favorite ad!


  1. Puppy Monkey Baby This unorthodox ad from Mountain Dew may have been the most polarizing ad of the Super Bowl. Some people loved it, while others were scared to sleep after seeing it. Whatever your thoughts, it was one of the most talked about ads this year.
  2. Audi R8 – Commander Emotional ads can be hard to get right, but this Audi ad was a hit with viewers. The nostalgia and the soundtrack (David Bowie’s 1972 hit “Starman”) provided the perfect combination. This ad not only tugged on the heartstrings, it was very visually stimulating.
  3. Avocados From Mexico One of the quirkier Super Bowl commercials, Avocados From Mexico had no qualms making fun of some of the biggest pop culture trends. This delightfully funny ad has us all craving guacamole.
  4. Wix – Kung Fu Panda provided a great example of cross promotion, as Po from Kung Fu Panda 3 is looking for ways to boost business. It was a fun ad, featuring references to other popular ads of the past.

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