—Coupling A “Smart” Service With Pithy Creative

Check out the pitch a new company called SlyDial is making:

You desperately need to call your girlfriend but she is a talker and you don’t want to spend an hour on the phone with her because you would much rather watch the game with your buddies. Leave her a sweet voicemail and get a hall pass.

SlyDial allows you to put in anyone’s phone number and be automatically connected (for free) to that person’s voicemail, so you can avoid . . . you know . . . actually having to talk to them.

The NY Post headlined the service as “Dial-A-Breakup Made Easy.” Depending on your situation, just call (267) SLY-DIAL and follow the automated instructions.

So from now on if you find that you’re only getting voicemails from a certain person with no record of having a missed call or even hearing your phone, you’ll know the reason why. Slydial.

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