Seven Ps and Qs of Social Media

Social media is becoming the quick and easy way to communicate. With more and more
people joining social media networks, some rules of etiquette should be reviewed.

Here are a few rules that should be followed when using social media:

1) If you give more attention to others, they will give more attention to you. Don’t
make everything on your site about you.
2) Don’t say something online that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. Online
bullying is a serious issue. Don’t become part of the problem.
3) If it doesn’t add value to your site, don’t say it. Meaningless information can
sometimes be fun to read, but if it happens over and over, people lose interest.
4) Be transparent when it comes to commenting and discussing issues. No one likes to
find out that the biggest advocate for a product is the creator.
5) Listen to—or read—what people are saying. Some of the best value is gleaned from
taking in others’ opinions.
6) Shorthand may be nice when taking notes, but not in a social media context. Use
proper grammar.
7) Be accountable for your actions.
8) Be nice. It is a simple (yet profound) rule.