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Companies rank email as the best marketing channel in terms of return on investment.

If you write an email and nobody reads it, does it even exist? That’s a question we don’t want you to have to answer. One of the most important things we do is qualify the audience you send your emails to. If you haven’t started building your lists yet, we can help. Then we divide your lists into market segments based on demographics and interests to allow you to tailor your messages. This is another way we’ll help you spend more time in front of your best leads, with our Email Marketing strategy.

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23% of their total sales are reported to be a direct result of email marketing

Email remains almost 40 times more effective for acquiring new customers than both Facebook and Twitter combined 1

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Email Marketing Platforms

What email marketing platform should you use? That really depends on how you will be using it. We go through several of the most popular email platforms and the possible benefits.

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Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is the original way to communicate online. With the advent of social media, many people thought that email was on the fast track to irrelevancy. That’s simply not the case.

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