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Fluid Is A Digital Marketing Agency In Utah

Fluid Advertising can help you reach consumers in this ever-evolving online marketplace. As you would expect, that includes tapping into the power of social media. To be clear, we’re not just talking about setting up a Facebook page or sending off tweets into the nethersphere. Most likely you already do that yourself. Instead, our goal is to come up with fresh ideas that cut through the Digital Marketing clutter, engage consumers, build brand awareness, and deliver results. For more information visit Real Life Marketing.



Our digital marketing strategy isn’t limited to old ways of communication. Paper has been a medium of choice for advertising for ages, but paper’s death knell has been sounded. We spend huge chunks of time on cell phones and computers—we’re moving away from paper newspapers, paper books, and paper magazines. We view content on phones, tablets, and e-readers. Even those traditional forms of advertising not confined to paper are losing their effectiveness. We’re hit by so much information every day that we’ve learned to tune out much of messaging we get. The world is changing.

Instead of relying on dying media, we harness the new media: computers, smartphones, social networks, and everything that goes with them. How can you spread your message across the digital world? Many brands have found success with viral videos, posted on YouTube or other video-sharing sites. Some innovators have created advertisements that masquerade as games, allowing consumers to enjoy advertising instead of being force-fed marketing messages. Digital marketing, then, is the way to go.

50% of companies are using digital marketing, but they don't have a plan!

Companies spent, on average, 25% of total marketing budgets on digital in 2014. But that figure is projected to jump to 75% within the next five years. 1

1 Source: Smart Insights and TFM&A,

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A website is like a car. Without proper maintenance like an oil change, your site won’t run smoothly. Introduce Add Fluid your website’s engine to dramatically increase sales performance supercharge your revenue.



The Digital Marketing Team at Fluid Advertising is the best around. But hey, as the guy from Reading Rainbow used to say, don't take my word for it. Check out our digital marketing posts and decide for yourself.

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