Start-up Series Part 1: Succeed With the Lean Model


Missed the webinar? Don’t worry—you can watch the recap.

This is the first webinar of a four-part “start-up series” hosted in collaboration with the University of Utah’s Technology Venture Commercialization (TVC) and Fluid Advertising. In this session, you’ll learn the principles to abide by to achieve and sustain rapid growth.

From storytelling to the latest marketing tactics and lean business models — this session is packed with insights that you can apply in your start-up, or established business today.

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TVC Slides: Part 1 of 4


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Start With Why – Simon Sinek TED talk – Watch on YouTube (18:04)

Start With Why – Simon Sinek TED talk (short) – Watch on YouTube (5:00)

Business Model Canvas


Steve Blank’s videos on the Business Model Canvas – How to Build a Startup



Taylor manages vetting, de-risking, and business model development for over 150 new inventions each year. He is a micro-cap fund Sr. Associate at BayHill Capital and has raised over $26 million for clients as a New York investment banker. Taylor built an early stage, seed investment program of $750K per year. He holds a B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering from BYU and an MBA from the University of Utah.


Spencer creates business opportunities from University-derived software. He built business brokerage firm and successfully closed over $3M in his first 12 months. He earned B.S. and MBA degrees from the University of Utah and is also a self-reliance guru.


Phil Case is the managing partner at Fluid Advertising, a Utah-based growth acceleration agency of 35 employees. Over the past 5 years, he has led Fluid to over 300% growth, has built out robust digital and development teams. He has helped hundreds of companies accelerate their sales and revenue growth. Phil is a passionate technologist and marketing professional who is able to quickly grasp cutting edge ideas and create solutions.