Love, Hate: Your Website & Its Design

Whether you’re currently building a website or already have one, your site’s design is often an area of contention. The site is too much of one thing and not enough of another. It’s great for one department but not the other. It’s too gorgeous. It’s just flat out ugly. Whatever it is, you know something needs to change, but you’re not sure what it is or who to tell. In this September’s webinar, Fluid discussed web design best practices and how to make a website beautiful and functional.

We explained in four easy steps how Fluid designs websites. The first step is always research, to learn more about the client and the site’s goals therefore Fluid meets with the client to talk about expectations and understand the site’s database. Once we have met with our client, we develop an internal site map where we divide the site into top level, secondary and tertiary or surface.

“Content is the core commodity of the digital economy. it is the gold we fashion into luxury experience,the diamond we encase in loyalty programs and upsells. yet, …we often plug it in after the fact. we prototype our interaction and visual design to exhaustion, but accept that the “real words” can just be dropped in later. there is a better way. ”  – Andy fitzgerald

Fluid considers a website’s content to be crucial on the design process, a good content can create a positive impact on your website’s leads. Step two is UX, Wireframes is the most important. Don’t make users think, create clarity with visual hierarchy and create consistency with patterns. Users want to explore your website easy and quick, therefore focus on giving them a fun and simple experience.

The third step is UI, we define style titles and create a visual language based on brand guidelines. Your website and brand should follow the same style and design. Finally, the fourth and last step is to build your website. Once the design layout and all needed templates have been handed over to the development team, we make your website a reality. Keeping it simple and mobile friendly.

Remember, Your website is the first impression for some of your consumers, therefore it matters.



Dustin Cederholm | Fluid

Dustin has been a professional marketer for over 7 years. He specializes in marketing automation, conversion rate optimization, and enterprise lead generation. In his years as a marketer Dustin has helped large and small businesses successfully execute marketing campaigns leading to millions of dollars in new revenue.

Ryan Anderson | Fluid

Ryan Anderson is a partner and creative director at Fluid Advertising. He has worked in advertising for over 20 years with an emphasis in art direction and design. He has received awards from most of the advertising industry's top shows and has had a lifelong love of art. This love led him to the advertising world. He has a love of the outdoors and a bucket list that includes visiting as many national parks as possible.

Frank Imler | Fluid

Frank has been designing websites since high school. He has come a long way since his teenage years and now he is the the Art Director/Lead Designer for Fluid. Some say web design can be the hardest and most complicated thing a designer can tackle. Luckily for Fluid's clients, Frank and his team provide top notch UX and UI design based upon years of experience, a passion for learning the latest tricks and a design sense that has won many awards.