Back to the Future of Advertising

This month’s webinar took us back to the future of advertising! We talked all about traditional advertising, why it’s still important, and how to adapt and modify for a digital-centric world. Steve Fowles joined our very own digital director, Dustin Cederholm. Steve is an account executive with Comcast, with 34 years of experience in media. He’s worked in cable, radio, and has experience all across the ad world.

Why should you still use traditional advertising? Contrary to popular opinion, traditional advertising is still a huge part of the marketing world. Some of the top channels still include television, radio, news, billboards, and direct mail.


Radio was the original disruptive technology. Radio began in the 1920s, and has grown and evolved since then. Today, popular forms include online and satellite radio. Adults currently spend less than 12% of their media time on radio. While AM/FM still hold a majority share of the market, online radio and satellite are quickly gaining ground.


When people typically think of outdoor, they think of billboards. However, there is so much more.  Bus wraps, digital billboards, and event signs are just a few examples of how this traditional media form is being adapted for today’s world. Traditionally, zoning, regulations, and long-term contracts limited the effectiveness of this form of advertising, but the introduction of digital outdoor ads has revitalized outdoor.


Broadcast television has one main revenue stream: paid advertising. Cable television has two revenue streams: subscription and paid advertising. The main thing that drives people to television is high quality content! While the way we watch television has changed (online, subscriptions, cable cutting) television still has a huge need for advertising, and that isn’t changing anytime soon.

In Summary

While the advertising landscape has changed over the years, traditional media channels are certainly here to stay. Don’t believe all of the quick reactions, analyze each channel for yourself, and decide if it’s good for you. Once crowded channels may me a place for you to spend your advertising dollars, leading to decreased competition and better cost efficiency for your business! The traditional advertising landscape will continue to change, but as you change with it, you’ll continue to see great results.


Dustin Cederholm | Fluid

Dustin has been a professional marketer for over 7 years. He specializes in marketing automation, conversion rate optimization, and enterprise lead generation. In his years as a marketer Dustin has helped large and small businesses successfully execute marketing campaigns leading to millions of dollars in new revenue.

Steve Fowles | Comcast

Steve has 34 years in the electronic media business. He started his career in Radio and since 1998, he's worked in local Broadcast Television and Cable Television. Steve worked as an Account Executive, Research Director, and Local Sales Manager. He's been privileged to work with many exceptional local advertisers and agencies as a trusted expert and advisor in the effective use of electronic media.