Automotive Industry Webinar

In 2005, car buyers visited five to six dealerships on average before buying. Today, it’s two to three. That means buyers are getting more information from dealer sites and other digital resources before walking on the lot.

Auto dealers are adjusting to a new, more self-reliant digital customer, and they need to adapt their sales and marketing strategy to account for this change. It’s time to adapt or risk losing market share to more savvy dealers in your area.

Find out how to win your market by attending Fluid’s upcoming webinar – Less Talking, More Browsing: Auto Sales in the Digital World. In this webinar, Dustin Cederholm, Digital Marketing Director at Fluid, and Wayne Walth, Marketing Manager at Ed Kenley Ford, will discuss the current market and what sales and marketing activities are seeing returns.


Dustin Cederholm

Dustin Cederholm is the Digital Marketing Director at Fluid, one of Utah's leading advertising firms. Dustin uses advanced conversion-rate-optimization (CRO) techniques to turn clients' site traffic into revenue. Additionally, Dustin acts as Fluid's digital strategist with expertise in PPC, social media advertising and business development/enterprise lead generation.

Wayne Walth

Wayne Walth is the Marketing Manager at Ed Kenley Ford in Layton, Utah. He’s worked in retail management for 16 years and sales management for 11 years. He’s been in the car business since 2002, starting in the industry as a salesman.