• Automotive Industry Webinar

    In 2005, car buyers visited five to six dealerships on average before buying. Today, it’s two to three. That means buyers are getting more information from dealer sites and other digital resources before walking on the lot.

    Auto dealers are adjusting to a new, more self-reliant digital customer, and they need to adapt their sales and marketing strategy to account for this change. It’s time to adapt or risk losing market share to more savvy dealers in your area.

    Find out how to win your market by attending Fluid’s upcoming webinar – Less Talking, More Browsing: Auto Sales in the Digital World. In this webinar, Dustin Cederholm, Digital Marketing Director at Fluid, and Wayne Walth, Marketing Manager at Ed Kenley Ford, will discuss the current market and what sales and marketing activities are seeing returns.

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  • Real Estate Marketing Tips & Tools

    The real estate market in Utah has been booming, and this year is trending the same — or better. Is your marketing and sales strategy ready? Fluid and our guests sit down to discuss the current marketing landscape and give you actionable tips and affordable tools you can put to work right away.


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  • New year, New you

    The new year is just across the hall. How prepared are you and your brand for 2017? Learn about the importance of branding and when to refresh your brand in this month’s webinar by Fluid Advertising.

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  • Marketing on the Move: Social, Local, Mobile

    Marketing on the Move: Social, Local, Mobile or SoLoMo, is one of the newest forms of advertising.

    It is the convergence of three newer mediums to reach a target and specific audience in new ways. It allows advertisers to target local customers on mobile devices, bringing them into a physical store location. In this month’s webinar, we’ll talk all about Marketing on the Move: Social, Local, Mobile or SoLoMo, how your business can use it, and the exciting new possibilities and technology involved.

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  • Work Smarter, Not Harder : Account-based marketing (ABM)

    Account-based marketing (ABM)

    Is a very focused type of marketing in which individual companies are located and targeted with specific messages. This hyper-targeted approach can take more time, but it leads to higher close rates and a more successful journey through the sales funnel. Today’s webinar is Account-based marketing.


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  • Back to the Future of Advertising

    In recent years, digital advertising has become more and more important. However, what does that mean for traditional advertising? In this month’s webinar, we’re going to go back to the future of advertising, and talk about some tried and true methods that are still relevant now and for years to come. We’ll talk all about the role of traditional advertising today, why it’s still relevant, and how you can utilize it in your campaigns.


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  • Love, Hate: Your Website & Its Design

    Whether you’re currently building a website or already have one, your site’s design is often an area of contention. View the webinar to learn actionable tips you can implement on your website to make it the resource you’ve always wanted it to be!
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  • Video: Turning Eyes To Buys

    Video is certainly not a new form of communication. However, the ability to create and share video has become much easier. Video is a great way to reach your target audience, and provides the ability to engage and lead to conversion.

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  • Facebook Grows Up, Learns To Sell

    Discover how to use Facebook to boost your business.

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