If we were spies, this would be where we’d show you what new laser watches, invisible cars, and exploding cufflinks we have to offer. Since we’re not spies, what we’ve got are webinars, white papers, and the like, which can get you started on taking your business to the next level.



  • Performance Optimization Sales

    The speed and performance of your website are just as important as the content. The average user spends ten seconds or less on a page, which doesn’t give you much time to impress. That’s why we focus so much on getting your website to run quickly and work smoothly.

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  • Performance Optimization

    For years, people have thought of digital marketing as a means to drive traffic to a given website. What’s often overlooked, however, is the fact that many websites are slow, outdated and ineffective at getting sales. There’s a good chance that your site isn’t drawing traffic, generating leads or getting conversion rates like it should be. You may need a miracle or just a good tune-up. Either way, you need the Fluid Edge.

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  • Conversion Optimization

    Once your site has gone through the process of performance optimization, it’s time to start considering the second phase of the Fluid Edge: converting into sales.

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  • Conversion Optimization Sales Sheet

    The second portion of the Fluid Edge is conversion optimization. Our edge is practiced and proven to increase the conversions on a site. We have what it takes to run your site through our extensive testing, implement impressive design and increase the conversion of your site.

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Case Studies

  • MTI Case Study

    Having just lost their marketing personnel, MTI came to us for help in carrying out their marketing operations. We served in the roles of writer, designer, and marketing director, establishing their brand and managing over 300 projects.

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  • The Shelly Company Case Study

    Shelly came to us with an outdated brand, including an archaic website whose lead generation fell considerably short
    of their goals. We set out to transform their website into a lead-generation tool, asking ourselves how we could create
    a more effective conversion funnel and help Shelly offer a better website user experience.

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  • Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development Case Study

    The Governor’s Office of Economic Development for the state of Utah sought an agency that could revitalize their
    aging website and simplify its backend capabilities. They wanted an attractive new site that could be easily updated
    without extensive technical knowledge.

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  • Mity-Lite Case Study

    MityLite came to pivot their brand into an entirely new and lucrative market. Having established the enduring nature
    of their product, they also wanted to appeal to a more trend-conscious crowd. MityLite wanted to keep their reputation as a company that produced durable products, but they also wanted to be perceived as young, contemporary, and hip, while growing their company and seeing a steady increase of sales revenue and lead generation.

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  • Fluid Case Study

    In January 2012, Fluid was a small creative boutique with fewer than 10 employees. We saw an opportunity to grow and fill a wider variety of customer needs by expanding our service offerings and bringing on top creative and digital talent.

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  • Ed Kenley Ford Case Study

    ED Kenley Ford had never worked with an agency, but they wanted to become the dominant Ford dealership in the
    northern Utah. In addition to selling trucks, Ed Kenley also wanted to sell their powertrain warranty.

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  • Community Action Partnership of Utah Case Study

    The goal of Community Action Partnership Utah (CAP Utah) helps strengthen family financial stability through
    earned income tax credit (EITC) and volunteer income tax assistance (VITA). CAP UT had a budget of only $30,000
    to promote free tax filing at their 80 VITA sites or online filing systems from January to April 2015. CAP Utah had
    seen an increase of a mere 3% over the past five years, and they would lose their grant money if they didn’t increase
    their tax filings by 20%.

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  • UCAT Case Study

    The Utah College of Applied technology faced a dilemma. Though people throughout Utah recognized the presence of local campuses (like Davis Applied Technology College and Dixie Applied Technology College) they failed to recognize the statewide UCAT brand. UCAT also desired to be seen as a viable alternative to a traditional four-year degree.

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  • How to Create Demand

    How do you make people want what you have? To find the right answer, first you have to ask the right questions. This infographic will show you four of the most important questions you need to answer to develop your brand story.

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  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation is a valuable tool for letting computers grow your business. They manage complex marketing strategies to achieve results that humans simply cannot. These robots personalize your buyers journey, reduce your overhead, and launch your company into a whole new growth vector.

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  • Get More From Your Agency

    Discover which services are sure to grow your business. This chart shows exactly what to ask for so you can plan to get the most out of your agency.



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  • Accelerate Your Revenue Growth

    We need to shift our thinking about the role marketing plays in an organization. It should be a measurable set of activities that fuels growth for any organization.

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