Location Based Mobile Marketing

Yesterday, Visa entered the location-based mobile marketing arena with the launch of a new iPhone application. Visa’s app targets your location and provides offers from surrounding businesses directly to your iPhone. Companies using location-based marketing tactics have been on the rise for some time, but recently we’ve seen a jump in both the amount of people using these applications and businesses exploring their opportunities.

I’m sitting here at Fluid Studio thumbing through Visa’s offers of about fifty different businesses in the Salt Lake City area, ranging from restaurants to car services, clothing stores, hotels, gyms and flower shops.  Offering deals from 10% off your purchase, to $50.00 off qualifying items.

These services and other mobile marketing applications brought in $530.2 million in 2008, with the expected growth of $7.5 billion in 2012.

10.9 billion mobile applications were downloaded in 2010. This is definitely an area of marketing to watch.

Listed below are the top 10 mobile app types of the future, according to mobilemarketingwatch.com.

  1. Money Transfer
  2. Location-Based Services
  3. Mobile Search
  4. Mobile Browsing
  5. Mobile Health Monitoring
  6. Mobile Payment
  7. Near Field Communication Services
  8. Mobile Advertising
  9. Mobile Instant Messaging
  10. Mobile Music

With the holidays around the corner, you’re bound to find yourself in some awkward situations; luckily this mobile site can help. Happy Holidays!