#NEW Twitter interface–must see!

New Twitter Interface Fluid Studio

Is there any doubt this is a huge announcement? The new Twitter interface is amazing!

Some great write-ups can be found on Mashable and OMC (Online Marketing Connect).

Here in Utah, we can’t wait!

Some interesting notes:

-Twitter mobile users are up 250% year over year

-The new Twitter interface allows more space for ads on twitter.com (they are finally discovering some way to monetize Twitter.com)

-The new platform has the ability to view pictures and video in a streaming window. They did this by expanding from the left column (your tweet stream) to the right column (now used more as an expanded view).

In addition to viewing the multimedia you clicked on, you will also see people mentioned in the tweet you expanded, a brief history of that user’s tweets, and the latest tweet that tweet may have been in response too.

More context for the tweet overall. Very nice . . .

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