New Year Brand Fitness

The Importance of Brand Fitness

New year, new you. That’s what everybody seems to be thinking this time of the year. However, while it might not be as easy as starting up a weekly gym regimen, it is important to keep your brand in tip-top shape. This could mean something as large as a total re-brand or as little as updating your website’s photos. Whatever the scope may be, the goal is to keep your clientele engaged and excited about your brand.

After all, an outdated website is doomed to inspire little inspiration from its visitors. Cutting-edge features and high quality artwork will change a casual observer into an engaged and impressed potential client.


The state of web branding today

From a Web Developer’s perspective, there is little worse in this world than a stale website; one that uses industry-standard technologies from the late “dot-com boom”. With web technologies moving at a breakneck pace, it is important to keep your website firmly on the cutting edge.

These days, almost anything is possible on a website. It’s an exciting time for web branding, a brand can tell its story in many different and unique ways. Done correctly, this can help a brand stand apart from the crowd. For example, full-screen landing page videos are a rising star in the cutting-edge website world. They draw the user in and can tell the brand’s ‘story’ quickly. Interesting button hover states are another example, and one of my favorite ways to make a website stand out. It’s all in the details, people.

Without a solid presence on the web, a brand is in danger of being overlooked all-together. This is why it is so important to keep your brand in peak condition. Interesting, inspiring and cutting edge branding can leave a strong impression, which can turn people from casual observers into loyal customers.