New Brasil Doce Lar Education Scholarship!


The Brasil Doce Lar Foundation is beginning a scholarship program for the 2009 school year to benefit Brazilian students entering ninth grade. The Foundation and educational leaders in Brasil recognize there is a need to improve the opportunity for public university admission for students with high academic and moral standards but who are from low-middle income families.

We need your help in raising $10,000 for scholarships offered by the Brasil Doce Lar Foundation. All of this money will be used to fund high-potential students from low-middle income families during their high school years. The Foundation will work with private high schools in Joao Pessoa, Osasco, and Recife to receive a tuition discount and will also ask each student’s family to cover 50% of tuition so we can maximize our return on investment and help additional students.

Please, donate today by clicking here or by visiting and give as much as $200, $75, or even $15. For every $15 donated, a person will receive a copy of the Brasil Doce Lar DVD.

The advantages of providing these funds early in the students’ life are several. (1) It will give them a much better chance to compete for a place in a public and free university when they turn 17-18 years old. (2), it will prepare more youth with basic skills before they serve their missions. And (3), it will make it a lot easier for them to be self-reliant when they finish their teenage years and/or return from their missions.

Thank you for supporting youth in Brasil and for your donation!!